EXPLAINED: Who is Aliia Roza? Ex-Russian Spy Blasts Putin, Instagram Family Husband Name Age!

 So hello guys and as we all know the tensions between Ukraine and Russia are increasing on another level and the war is still going on. Even after the sanctions Russia is not stopping and finding alternatives for its business. The Russian economy is traumatized. But recently a former Russian spy has given some interesting statements about Russian President Vladimir Putin and her name is Aliia Roza. She recently revealed that Putin will stop at nothing to completely terrorize and Conquer the Ukrainian territory. Follow our website

Who is Aliia Roza?

She has gained eternal popularity after she revealed her true identity and she also said that she fell in love with the target. This is like a movie and she is telling her life story which is really fascinating to a lot of online users. She got her military training from the same program Putin went through. There are multiple photographs of her available on social networking sites where she could be seen flying a plane. She is a really bad officer and a very vocal one as well.

Aliia Roza Ex-Russian Spy Blasts Putin

Also stated that the president wants to win at all cost and he does not want to damage his reputation and he will go all out in the war. Obviously, she stated that he is trying to protect his country from the NATO forces and the cold war between America and Russia but this is not the right way to assault common citizens. Thousands of Ukrainian citizens have already left their country and they are taking refuge in neighboring Nations. She is currently living in California and having a really happy life with her friends and family.

Aliia Roza: Instagram Wikipedia Biography

she has millions of followers. Her life was changed when she was sent to collect Intelligence and spy on an officer but she fell in love with the target individual. Her popularity has increased in great numbers since the latest controversy and online users are searching for her and watching her sexy pics. She has collaborated with several high-profile officers and celebrities. We will be back with some more information regarding her and the latest stories from all over the world so stay tuned with our website.

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