VIDEO: Nigerian Musician Harrysong Leaked Video Went Viral, Full Scandal $ex Tape Become Sensation!

 Hello my dear friends, today we have come again with very good information for you. A Nigerian musician has been blackmailing people online after releasing a sex tape allegedly of him and a woman. The musician, whose name has not been released, first made contact with one of the victims through social media in March. He then sent her a link to a video, which he claimed was the footage of them having sex. The victim has now started receiving threatening messages from the musician, who is demanding money to prevent the clip from being released to the public. Follow our website

Harrysong Leaked Video

Hollywood actress, Chioma Obasi is reportedly facing blackmail over an alleged sex tape. The actress, who is popularly known as ‘Queen of Nollywood’, is said to have been targeted by a group of people, who are demanding millions of naira in exchange for not releasing the tape. According to reports, the actress’ husband was also informed of the blackmail plot and has since started moving around in order to avoid any potential harm. Nigerian musician, Emmanuel Ikubese, has been hit with a blackmail scandal after someone allegedly sent his phone number to women on the social network, Tinder, and Whatsapp, posing as him. As a result, he is now being threatened by some of the women whose contact information he gave out to people

Nigerian Musician Harrysong Sex Scandal Explained

they’re amazed that someone could find their number and send them flirty texts. The Nigerian singer and songwriter, has reported a threat of blackmail made against her on the internet by an unidentified person. Recent reports suggest that a Nigerian musician, Ebuka Tamiya, is currently facing blackmail over an alleged sex tape. The musician has been receiving death threats as a result of the tape. The tape allegedly features the musician having sex with a woman. Tamiya has denied any such involvement in the making of the tape. A Nigerian musician has been facing blackmail after an alleged sex tape of him surfaced online.

The musician, who goes by the stage name P-Square, is said to be in a lot of trouble as people are now demanding money from him for the video. This is following the release of a sex tape of a popular Nigerian musician. According to reports, the musician has since been receiving threats via phone and social media, as well as attacks on his personal website. If you are a celebrity or a public figure and you are facing similar blackmail threats, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for help. We would be happy to provide you with the necessary security measures that will protect you from your blackmailer.

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