DETAILS: Millind Gaba & Pria Beniwal Wedding Date Announced, Engagement Pics, Marriage Pics & Video, Venue, Family & More!

 s per the recent reports millind Gaba announce about his wedding with Pria Beniwal. Also featured in Bigg Boss ott and now he has announced that he is going to tie his life knot with Pria Beniwal this coming week. On Monday there will be their engagement which will also call Shaghun and on Tuesday there is the favorite Cocktail ceremony all the events are happening in Delhi on April 16th. This Duo has been together for 4 years now. Everyone is excited about their wedding to follow for more updates. Think about both of them they really love touring.

Millind Gaba & Pria Beniwal Wedding Date Announced

And they want to escape from Delhi they both are foodies Pria is from Southwest Delhi and she loves eating and making new food. And in an interview, he tells the public that they met through an online game pub. They both say they were having the same common attraction in the game. Millind Gaba also shares their pictures on Instagram. He has a very massive fan following on Instagram and he is a celebrity and a fashion model itself Millind Gaba also mentions that he had worked with Priya’s brother who is known as Harsh Beniwal and then the Pilgrimage begins they started talking and meeting everyone after Years Day final made a good boy

Millind Gaba & Pria Beniwal Wedding Venue & Location

And then they decided to settle down as per the information they will be departing in Delhi after the marriage because of their work and schedule. The audience is very much amazed by his content and by his personality. He is a very loving and caring guy. Talking with her parents was isn’t hard because his brother was also rotating so Millind Gaba spoke to him then he sure his brother and family that he is not like the other guys and he will be taking care of Pria. Millind Gaba was very much sure about Priya and Harsh was also very happy that their Journey started and now Millind Gaba told his family that Pria is there Bahu.

Millind Gaba & Pria Beniwal Family, Age

Pria Beniwal is an Instagram influencer and a YouTuber from India. She is really popular on Instagram and has 165K followers Millind Gaba was born in a Punjabi family in Delhi itself Milind Gaba is an Indian singer music producer and is also associated with Punjabi and Bollywood music he is favored for his song like Nazar Lag Jayegi, and yaar Mod do he was born on 7 December 1990 and his age is 31 years old he has won many awards in Punjabi music and also for best Duo. Millind Gaba has done his schooling at Ved Vyas are DAV Public School.

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