DETAILS: What Was Talon Rodgers and Alisa Wash Cause Of Death? Newlyweds Found Dead At 23, Funeral & Obituary!

 Good evening everyone today we have really sad and disheartening news. Talon Rodgers and Alisa Wash, a couple who recently got married and they were about to start their beautiful relationship were especially found dead in a Virginia apartment. Both of them were shot multiple times and it is a really unfortunate circumstance. The prime suspect, in this case, is said to be the groom’s brother who is missing since the wedding night. The authorities were immediately called after their body was found. They recently got married on March 11th. Stay tuned to our website

Talon Rodgers and Alisa Wash Death Reason

First of all, we would like to say that our condolences and sympathies are with the family of the young couple and we hope that their soul will rest in peace. Police have started their investigation regarding this case and there are currently in the search of the brother. Their bodies were found on April 4th in the Virginia Beach residence after almost 4 weeks of their marriage. It is a case of a double homicide and they were inhumanly short. A friend of the groom found their bodies and he immediately called the local authorities and inform them of this case.

Talon Rodgers and Alisa Wash: Wikipedia

Rogers was 23 years and he was reported missing by the family. E a search warrant has been issued in his name and police are trying to find him as soon as possible as he could be the criminal. Some eyewitnesses have reported that they saw him on 27th March near the garden apartments and townhomes complex. He is wearing glasses and has blonde hair. Is approximately 1.75 m tall? He really loves tattoos and has multiple of them. He is a big fan of the Pokemon series and he has it tattooed on his body. He can be driving a 2008 Hyundai car.

Talon Rodgers and Alisa Wash: Funeral & Obituary

He is a skinny guy with a weight of almost 60 kg. Police have not detained or apprehended everyone for interrogation. The couple really loved each other and they were looking really happy on their wedding night and everything was going really smoothly for them. Rogers was reportedly awarded a scholarship in 2020 for a splendid performance while pursuing a diesel Marine technician degree. All the motive of the modern has not been revealed and we are still waiting for any confirmation from the offices. We shall be back with the many breaking and interesting news from all over the world so keep scrolling our website.

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