MISSING: Saige Stiles 15-Years-Old Girl From Florida Found In Good Health State After Missing, Check Out Photos & Family Details!

 As per the reports, shocking news is coming where a 15-year-old girl named Saige stiles, was walking to her school on Monday morning in Saint Lucy Florida but she never came back according to police they found her school bag and mobile phone and the known location. Saige Stiles highest Wednesday after she told her friend that she was being followed. The footage has been captured under the survivals of the camera where she was last seen. This case has surprised and shocked everyone and now other students’ parents are also getting worried about their children.

Who Is Saige Stiles From Florida?

According to the footage provided under the survival in camera, the girl was not appearing to be sad or endangered and she was watching and walking casually through the area. She was last seen in the park where he was wearing Black jeans and a long sleeve shirt of grey color her friends and family are very much concern about the 15 year old girl. She was tying up her hair in a ponytail and her body color is white. Talking about the Apparent she was approx 5 feet 5 inches tall and her weight is up to 120 Pounds.

Saige Stiles Florida: Wikipedia Biography & Age

She was having brown hair the police recovered his school bag and phone on the sidewalk area. Investigators are trying to investigate this case they’re also trying to get in touch with her family trying to learn more about their history so that they can find any clues. This seems to be a planned kidnapping as per the police but they don’t have any information or clue. Police of Port Saint Lucy Florida is investigating and searching after the elite told that the friend was on the phone untold her that she was being followed. She was observed on the video walking in the area of SW Hawthorne CIR and SW Paar around 11:50 a.m.
Even if we are trying our best to communicate with the community that if they have seen or observed this girl so they can call 911. Saige Stiles was a brilliant student and her family is very much worried about her and they are praying and hoping that she return home soon, they are in touch with the investigator’s and the authority said that they had both been cooperative they are trying to learn more about this case. They said to increase the police presence in that areas so that they can find the missing girl in the common area or 40 students walking to school they also employed helicopters and bloodhounds to search for Stiles.

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