Who Is Angellyh Yamboo In Bronx? A 16-Year- Old Girl Killed In the Bronx, Cause Of Death, Funeral & Suspect Name!

 As per the recent reports, a murdered documentary is coming up where they kill a girl named Angellyh yamboo who was being sorted by a 17-year-old guy when she was walking home to her school on Friday knew this shooting has been caught between two people and they were standing opposite side of the street of Bronx then they started are giving and motioning at each other before one open the Fired. Angelllyh was shot in the chest and enunciated dead that afternoon at Lincoln Hospital; the two teenagers were hardly damaged and are in rehab. As per the investigation, the police are saying that they have arrested a suspect who has been shooting near High Schools in the Yonex on Friday this news has shaken everyone. 

Who Is Angellyh Yamboo?

Jeremiah Ryan has been charged for this murder case for killing the 16-year-old girl and all the news conferences on Saturday in the chief Timothy they said that the 16-year-old girl was being fired a number of times by Mr. Ryan at 2:00 p.m. Angelly was a soul of gold and an undiluted soul. She brought so much devotion, happiness, laughter, and morning to this world and her beloved ones. According to them there was another third victim was a 17-year-old boy he has been stalked by a bullet from one block to another the boy and the other 16-year-old girl who is surviving her injuries is not yet released but the shooting was captured on the video and

Angellyh Yamboo Death Reason

Mr. Ryan has been charged with attempting murder and having an illegal weapon but however, but he had no criminal history. Early in the afternoon, on April 8, 2022, Angellyh and two teenagers were innocently treading house after quitting the academy and egregiously were fired during a disagreement between two people in the Bronx. According to the doctors, she was declared dead shortly after emergency responders bought him to the medical and mental health center in the Bronx. A girl has a great future said the Commissioner of New York City and now she is doing fine and soon she will be coming back to her own house. The Henriquez and Yambo family are in fright and bemoaning the mislaying of their exquisite and precious daughter, Angellyh Yambo. I am so heartbroken to hear of this disaster.

Angellyh Yamboo Wikipedia

Angie was my student at SBECA and I was her 6th-grade math teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. Such a bright young lady. May her memory be cherished. Sending sunshine, adoration, blessings, and stability These two families have been seen suddenly and completely destroyed but the family and the Shooter family are still hoping this girl was killed by the block at her home in the south around University on Friday the police believe that the victims are going to head home from school. This news is very horrible and terrifying investigators and police are doing their best to solve this case and ask Candy why he shorted this 17-year-old girl.

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