Why Was OSINACHI NWACHUKWU’S HUSBAND Arrested? Who Is Peter Nwachukwu? All Charges & Allegations Explained!

 The name of Nigerian gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu is currently a hot topic of discussion for people on the internet. As she, unfortunately, died on Saturday because of throat cancer. She was 42 years old and her condition was getting worse and worse with the days passing and she finally kicked the bucket. The local authorities announced that they will be doing an investigation regarding this case as they still have some suspicions. The news that has been making headlines regarding this case is that her husband has been arrested and police have started interrogating him. Stay tuned to our

Who Is Peter Nwachukwu?

She had a really beautiful voice and some of them even described the as a legendary performer of error. She started her YouTube channel in 2017 and was uploading some really beautiful songs and poetry. Christians were really affected by her hymns and melodies. She used to sing about sorrow and anger also some songs related to death and sacrifice. As we all know that a lot of religious leaders are promoting hatred and violence but she always wanted to have a peaceful society in a community where everybody would help each other regardless of their individual agendas.

Why Was Osinachi Nwachukwu Husband Arrested?

She was immediately taken to the international Gospel medicine facility and doctors were operating one hour but unfortunately, she passed away after a very prolonged battle. We don’t have any update regarding the arrest of her husband and it seems like the investigation and interrogation will be going for several hours. A lot of supporters of her are now protesting the arrest of her husband and saying that Police are trying to frame him and it is really unfair to do such a thing.

Osinachi Nwachukwu Husband All Charges & Allegations Explained

They are also saying that if she was alive then she would beg for Mercy for her husband and she would say that he is an innocent man who always kept her happy. There were no updates and stories regarding their separation or any domestic violence and they were living happily for several decades and it is really mysterious that Police have arrested him after she died because of

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