Serena Mckay Leaked Video Viral On Twitter, Who Is Serena Mckay

 Serena Mckay Leaked Video Viral On Twitter, Who Is Serena Mckay?

Serena Mckay Leaked Video Viral On Twitter: If you are unaware of Serena Mckay Leaked Video Viral On Twitter, we will tell you in this article. Serena McKay’s killer was denied early release in order to attend university. Check out Who Is Serena Mckay and get details about Serena Mckay Leaked Video Viral On Twitter from below.

Serena Mckay Leaked Video Viral On Twitter

Serena McKay, a young Canadian First Nations teen, was killed in a brutal beating that was perhaps caught on Facebook Live. A disturbing video has surfaced on social media, but police have declined to clarify whether it has McKay. A school administrator, on the other hand, claims it depicts the young woman. After the video went viral, a woman who knew Serena commented on Facebook: “Serena Mckay’s family has asked that people not share or watch the video because it is traumatizing and terrible.” According to CBC, the murder suspects went to high school with McKay, and the principal spoke to Canadian media about the video. Claude Guimond, the principal, told the CBC that “In recent days, a short video has been circulating on Facebook showing what he described as a brutal attack on McKay. He feels narcotics played a role in the attack.”

According to CTV News, Facebook removed the video after it received widespread attention. The internet versions, according to Heavy, show a badly beaten young woman laying on the ground. As female voices shout expletives, she is repeatedly beaten, especially on the head. As the horrible thuds of the beating are heard and the victim’s wounded face is visible, one girl exclaims, “I don’t want to f*cking see her alive.” 

Who Is Serena Mckay?

Serenity Serena Chelsea McKay was an Indigenous woman from Manitoba, Canada, whose murder was videotaped and broadcast live on social media, including Facebook Live. McKay preferred the nickname “Serenity.”

McKay was reported missing on Sunday, April 23, and her body was discovered near a residence in Sagkeeng two hours later, according to Huffington Post Canada. Police haven’t stated much about McKay’s death, but they have announced that two adolescent girls have been arrested and charged with her murder.

Serena Mckay Leaked Video

On April 23, McKay was reported missing. Her body was discovered on April 23, 2017 in Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba, northeast of Winnipeg. Two recordings of the crime circulated, according to CBC News, with the longer version sitting on Facebook for four hours on April 26 before being removed after it was reported. The juvenile girls who admitted to killing McKay, a former classmate, were 16 and 17 years old at the time of their arrest.

Serena Mckay Story Video

The murder took occurred 100 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, on the Sagkeeng First Nation. McKay was last seen on April 22, 2017, and was reported missing to the RCMP station in the neighboring town of Powerview at 6 p.m. on April 23; a dead body, later proven to be Serena McKay, was discovered two hours after the missing-person complaint, at 8 p.m. in Sagkeeng.

The murder was allegedly shot on a cell phone and shared on social media; the horrific footage was shared in both a short and long version on Facebook. A bleeding, barely conscious young woman lies on the ground in the video, being kicked and beaten in the head repeatedly. The longer video shows the victim’s head being stomped on by a heavy boot, as well as the sound of bones cracking, throughout the assault, in addition to her blood and facial injuries. 

Later that evening, the younger suspect, covered in blood and smiling, sent out a Snapchat shot with the caption “just chilling.” According to an alleged instant-message interaction between one of the alleged suspects and a resident of Sagkeeng, she broke the victim’s nose, but she was “OK” and “up and walking” afterward. The victim’s nose was also “bleeding a lot,” according to the suspect.

Serena Mckay Video

The murder video was spread on Facebook in both a short and lengthy version, where it lingered for at least three days before being removed.

The brief portion of the video was taken down after a request by Sagkeeng Grand Chief Derrick Henderson to Facebook, while the lengthy version was taken down when CBC News alerted Facebook and the RCMP. The longer version lingered on the site for four hours on April 26 before being removed, according to CBC.

According to RCMP, the video can still be shared on the site using Facebook Messenger despite being deleted from the site itself. Though broadcasting footage of attacks on the internet is not unlawful in and of itself, persons who film attacks and do not help the victim may be charged as accomplices. As a result, police are skeptical of Facebook’s ability to manage or prevent the spread of such information because the video is being shared via personal communications.

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