Full Video Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin injured after crashing Tesla into signpost; car on fire

kuroviral.com – Full Video Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin injured after crashing Tesla into signpost; car on fire. Taiwanese singer and actor Jimmy Lin was taken to hospital after a Tesla car he was driving hit a road sign and caught fire on Friday (July 22).

Jimmy lin accident - jimmy lin car accident - jimmy lin accident tesla

Jimmy lin accident tesla

It turns out that Lin was reported with his son in the car

He suffered minor injuries, Taiwan news reports said, citing local police.

Lin was reportedly with his son in the car. The singer is said to be driving along Zhongzheng North Road in Luzhu District, Taoyuan City, at around 10:51 a.m. on Friday when he swerved, swerved into the right lane and hit a road sign.

Videos on social media Spread very fast

shows a white Tesla hitting a signpost with the front of the vehicle on fire, as plumes of black smoke rise into the air.

Video of the subsequent crash showed a badly damaged Tesla being lifted by a crane onto a truck while the fire was extinguished with jets of water.

The 48-year-old Lin and his son were rescued from a burning vehicle by passersby and taken to the Linkou Chang Gung hospital for treatment, Taiwanese news outlet TVBS reported.

TVBS also said that the Taiwanese artist’s injuries were not life-threatening, but that he had fractures to his face and shoulder and is under medical supervision.

His son had minor injuries to his face.

Taiwan police said that Lin was not driving under the influence of alcohol and an investigation into the accident was ongoing, TVBS reported.

Thanking passers-by Lin is saved

In a statement released on Lin’s Facebook page at around 5:50 p.m. on Friday, her studio thanked passers-by for their timely intervention to pull the singer from the damaged vehicle. It also confirmed that Lin’s condition was stable and he was under surveillance.

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