raj sunerah viral video

raj sunerah viral video

raj sunerah viral video

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Dhallywood actor Sariful Razz is again at the center of the heated discussion involving two other actresses. Several photos and videos from Razz’s personal Facebook account went viral on Monday night, featuring actresses Sunerah Binte Kamal and Tanjin Tisha. The incident sparked a frenzy of social media debates and speculation.

Confidential snapshots of entertainers Tanzin Tisha, Nazifa Tushi, and Sunerah bint Kamal spilled in photographs and recordings.

The photographs were transferred to Shariful Razz’s Facebook account at 12 PM on Tuesday. Notwithstanding, the substance was erased following 60 minutes, starting a critical debate via virtual entertainment stages.

Sunerah Binte Kamal, the supposedly casualty, asserts that Shariful Razz’s Facebook account was hacked and used to spread the photographs and recordings. She also recommends that Pori Moni might be engaged with the episode however didn’t give further explanation.

In a long Facebook status, Sunerah expressed, “I know Razz for over 10 years and he used to be my closest companion. We as a whole expertise we converse with our dearest encounters. The main issue you believe is he is a fellow and I’m a young lady. I had basically no contact with him after he got hitched. That day I met him at a naming studio and we as a whole clicked a photograph. I don’t know how it could be inappropriate to take photographs with your lifelong encounters. His better half blew up at me for not a glaringly obvious explanation.”

Sunerah Binte Kamal said these photos and recordings are from a long time back. Sunerahar stated, “The recordings that you see are from 5 years back when we were youthful and were simply messed around and furthermore attempted to talk like how we did on the grounds that we in a real sense rehearsed consistently and in all ways imaginable during No Dorai . Since we (especially I) needed to become acclimated to those slangs we used in the film.”

In a still picture, Sunerah is seen showing something of her body on her cell phone, possibly connected with the occurrence. Sunerah bint Kamal makes a sense of the setting behind a specific picture, “The one photograph I sent him that day was to tell him that after how I got pummeled in the shoot (where Liyakot whips me. The people who observed No Dorai will be aware ) I had wounds and could scarcely stand up), so I probably won’t have the option to go to the shoot. He’s by all accounts not the only individual I sent it to, I sent it to my chief too.”

Without expressly referring to her name, Sunerah suspects that the photographs and recordings were spilled by Pori Moni, the spouse of Razz. Sunerah expressly tended to doubt this in her composed proclamations.

Sunerah likewise stated, “Kindly don’t overplay it in light of the fact that clearly his ID was hacked by us as a whole know who, who needn’t bother with motivation to raise a ruckus over anything out in the open. I will make legitimate moves on everybody spreading these things and hassling me.”

On May 23, Sunehra posted a selfie via virtual entertainment including Shariful Raj, Siam Ahmed, Mashroor Inan, and Ripon Nath. In the subtitle, Sunehra composed, ‘Areh’. Pori Moni likewise left a remark and enjoyed the image. The selfie was taken during a film take shots at a naming studio. As per Sunehra’s announcement, the video spilled from the previous evening was connected with this photograph.

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