Imran Khan Uncensored Video Viral on Social Media – (Full Video)

Imran Khan Uncensored Video Viral on Social Media – (Full Video)

Imran Khan Uncensored Video Viral on Social Media – (Full Video)

An allegedly leaked audio conversation between former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan sparked a new controversy on Tuesday, eliciting conflicting responses from both the political class and the general public.

The former premier has had a number of conversations leaked since he accused the current coalition government and the military establishment of ousting him from office earlier this year at American urging. The PTI chairman and an unnamed woman are allegedly featured in the two-part audio clip.

The other voice in the call is that of a woman who declines to meet the man in the audio on the same day, citing painful intercourse, while the voice identified as a former premier can be heard having an intimate conversation over the phone.

Despite being circulated online, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s major media has not covered it.

‘Playboy Captain’ was seen dating a woman in one of Imran Khan’s now six leaked s3x videos.

Asad Toor, a well-known journalist from Pakistan, has disclosed that as of right now, 6 s3x videos have made it to some Pakistanis. All of these videos, according to Toor, were produced by Imran Khan’s friends. He claimed that based on the woman Imran Khan is pictured in one of these videos with, it appears that she is the one who was alluded to in the audio. Toor had in mind Ayla Malik. The PTI is led by former Pakistani MP Ayla Malik.

Imran Khan engaging in impure behaviour in a s3x video

Imran Khan is reportedly seen in a pool in another video, according to Asad Toor. In which he is performing lewd acts on a woman. Imran Khan uses the same derogatory language in a different video as he did in the audio. In another video, Imran Khan is seen having a s3xual relationship with a young man rather than a woman. Audio is typically absent from these videos. This demonstrates that the person who created this video wished to remain anonymous.

Imran Khan performing immoral acts in a s3x video

According to Asad Toor, Imran Khan can be seen in a pool in another video. In which he engages in lewd behaviour with a female. Imran Khan repeats the same derogatory remarks he made in the audio in another video. In a different video, Imran Khan is seen engaging in s3xual activity with a young man rather than a woman. Most of these videos lack audio. This demonstrates the desire of the creator of this video to remain anonymous.

Toor claimed that Imran Khan was sitting in an offensive position and discussing Islam and celebrities in one of his videos. All of these videos, he claimed, are disturbing and could stir up a storm in Pakistani politics. He claimed that Salman Taseer’s death was related to religion. Imran Khan could be in serious danger in the near future in such a circvmstance. Imran Khan, who has the appearance of a playboy, has legally been married three times, but he has had intimate relationships with numerous other women.

The Pakistani President urged the army chief to intervene

Imran Khan recently had three audio recordings of him talking very crudely to women leaked. I cannot come to meet you, a woman who is allegedly Ayla Malik, says in one of the audios. I’m in a great deal of pain. I’m not even able to tell the doctor what you did to me. Satan.’ According to reports, Imran also gave Ayla a position within the party and donated Rs 70 lakh. The Pakistani President has asked the army chief to save Imran following the arrival of these audios. Despite his party’s claims to the contrary, Imran has also not rejected these audios.

Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf, is currently the subject of new controversy following the online leak of a recording of their s3x talk’.

Syed Ali Haider, a Pakistani journalist, posted the two-part audio clip to his YouTube channel. The audio clip features a man who is allegedly the former prime minister of Pakistan using lewd language with a woman.

Imran Khan video leak

It’s thought that one of the two audio clips that have gained popularity on social media is older. Imran is seen allegedly asking a woman to approach him in the second video, which is said to be recent. Imran reportedly insists that the woman comply even though she objects.

Then, it is claimed, the woman says, “Imran, what have you done to me? I can’t leave. Later in the video when the woman mentions coming to see him the following day, Imran responds that he “will have to change his schedule for the next day.” Unexpectedly, the woman is overheard in the alleged audio clip saying that she can’t meet him because his “private parts are sore.”

The woman in the video then tells Imran that, if his health permits, she will try to meet him the following day.
According to reports, the former Pakistani prime minister replies, “I’ll see if it’s possible as my family and children are coming. I’ll try to put off their arrival. Tomorrow, I’ll let you know. The audio clip, which has since gained widespread popularity, is the most recent in a string of purportedly leaked conversations that Imran Khan has been linked to since his overthrow earlier this year.

Khan was heard asking, “Should I lick it first before putting it directly?”, according to reports. “Can you take it straight away? Shall I move quickly or slowly? She told him she liked him slow and he replied, “Remember, I run like a camel from behind.

You’ll take pleasure in it more. All pleasure-related issues will be covered. The former Pakistani prime minister would have said, “I will explain the procedure to them. Did you pierce your cunt with your fingers? I’m hoping it won’t swell up. You’ll get even wetter, he continued.

PTI refers to it as an assassination attempt.

In the meantime, Imran Khan’s party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), denied the journalists’ assertions, claiming it was a well-planned assassination attempt on the former prime minister.

The PTI president’s political opponents could not think beyond producing fake audio and video tapes, according to PTI leader Dr Arslan Khalid, who referred to the audio clips as “fake.”

It is important to note that Khan was involved in a number of controversies even before becoming Pakistan’s prime minister. His phone conversations, in which he allegedly attempted to buy lawmakers’ allegiance, have recently made headlines.

Shireen Mazari and Asad Umar, two party leaders, were reportedly discussing encryption in the video while allegedly plotting how to “play it out in public,” according to Dawn.

Pakistan former prime minister imran khan’s video leak after audio leaks seen with Rabia Malik

Another video of PTI Social Media Wing Rabia Malik chatting online with PTI Leader Imran Khan and former prime minister Rabia Malik. Several screenshots that we found online are attached. The release of the video is imminent. The post’s administrator will share the HD video you downloaded. Continue reading use.

Some behind-the-scenes photos from the video footage were discovered circulating on the internet almost five hours after the video’s release. One of these pictures showed an unidentified person holding a gun that was pointed directly at Imran Khan.

Imran Khan, the alleged prime minister of Pakistan, issued a video message in which he accused India of falsely accusing Pakistan of being responsible for the terrorist attack in Pulwama after receiving harsh criticism from several nations. The video message contains 21 cuts and a number of errors, which show that it was not only pre-recorded but also scripted.

Netzian Response

Only on social media are these discussions about these audios taking place; political leaders have not made any significant statements about this outside of social media.

“Khan saheb can do whatever he wants in his personal life,” wrote journalist Hamza Azhar Salam in a tweet, “but I hope he will stop presenting himself as some kind of role model Muslim leader for the entire Ummah.”

After the audio tapes surfaced, the issue of whether or not they are authentic has come up once more. They are being accused of being a part of a dishonest campaign of character assassination.

“In the alleged s3x call leak, Imran Khan has become Emraan Hashmi,” tweeted journalist and South Asia correspondent Naila Inayat.

Ihtisham Ul Haq is a different journalist from Pakistan. “Releasing such tapes will harm you but not IK, only you. Not so low, please. Spreading profanity and explicit content won’t accomplish anything and will instead have serious long-term effects on our society’s fundamental morals and possibly on you as well! Avoid making this error.

Another journalist from Pakistan asserted, “Dubbed audio. From 2010 to 2016, I worked as a beat reporter for Imran Khan. listened to every single one of his speeches and press conferences. This is a fake and dubbed audio, not Imran Khan. Very shameful behaviour.

Dubbed audio, according to a different Pakistani journalist. From 2010 to 2016, I covered Imran Khan as a beat reporter. listened to all of his speeches and press briefings. This audio is fake and has been dubbed; it is not Imran Khan. A very shameful act.

Politicians and prominent anchors comment on the controversial videos that were leaked about Imran Khan.

We are all aware that Pakistan experienced chaos when the parliament expelled Prime Minister Imran Khan after a motion of no confidence was made in the body. These prominent politicians and anchors offer their opinions on upcoming, contentious videos that have been leaked about Imran Khan.

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